Your Business Question
Your Business Question
Wizer’s experienced team of market research experts and AI technology specialists can custom-tailor a methodology to suit any answer, any business challenge or question.
Resource-rich Methodology
Wizer’s algorithms are meant to be “taught” new methodologies, from automated traditional surveys, enriched surveys (i.e. harnessing rich metadata extracted using A.I. techniques), and multi-source research projects including social networks, search data, sales data, etc.
AI Structured Questionnaire
‘Always-on’ Data Sourcing
Wizer plugs into the selected data sources to create a seamless, streamlined flow of data, from consumer panels to online communities. In addition Wizer makes sure proper quality assurance controls are in place to filter out potentially invalid data feeds.
AI-Analysis and Number Crunching
A.I.-Powered Analysis and Meta-Insights
In addition to traditional statistical analysis, Wizer’s A.I. analytic engine applies a myriad of A.I. techniques, such as deep-learning, clustering, and pattern-recognition to provide “meta-insights” on the data that unlock previously unattainable observations on the data.
Dynamic Research Report & Dashboard
Knowledge-Center and Dashboard
The bottom line. Wizer does all the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes, and you get all the information laid out in a live central knowledge-center, with 'always on' dashboards, observations, research project management, and downloadable reports.

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