Leverage A.I. to slice through survey data harmonized with machine-extracted stimulus data, to discover and optimize your best product ideas, claims, and packaging concepts.

Wizer users surveys with two main parts:

  1. Concept acceptance – first impression, likeability, key benefits, drivers and unmet needs
  2. Concept diagnostics – relevance, credibility, brand fit, salience, consideration, advocacy.

Results are combined with stimuli analysis – using computer vision and natural language processing techniques to extract additional concept attributes and enrich the survey database with potential visual influencers/themes/etc.


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Wizer & Sodastream
Discover how Wizer helped SodaStream leverage market research to make strategic executive decisions. Jodi Ben-Meir, category manager at SodaStream, discusses her experience working with Wizer on a variety of marketing research projects.

Maurices Case Study
Learn how Wizer helped maurices discover new growth potential, revamp garment fit, and boost fit perception by 500 BPS
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Tiny Love
Wizer researches four multinational markets for toy & baby products leader Tiny Love – for the price of one market
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