Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction research uncovers the drivers and parameters affecting the likelihood of customers to repeat purchases of a service or product. The research dives into questions such as target market composition, consumer priorities vs. performance as they relate to product features and attributes and frequency of purchase. It also helps in identifying potential attrition and overcoming potential switchers.

The results of Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction research reveal the level of loyalty, why customers leave and what it takes to bring them back. Customer satisfaction is scrutinized at multiple levels and results can also be tracked over time.

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Business Questions

Your customer’s level of satisfaction
The likelihood of customers to recommend you
Satisfaction with your product/service as compared to the competition
Likelihood and main reasons for attrition
Drivers affecting customer satisfaction
Wizer & Sodastream
Discover how Wizer helped SodaStream leverage market research to make strategic executive decisions. Jodi Ben-Meir, category manager at SodaStream, discusses her experience working with Wizer on a variety of marketing research projects.

Syneron Candela
Learn how Wizer helps Syneron Candela identify brand equity opportunities quickly and affordably
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Tiny Love
Wizer researches four multinational markets for toy & baby products leader Tiny Love – for the price of one market
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