New products and services present significant business opportunities, but also pose significant risks. Market research–done right–identifies those risks to facilitate their minimization and mitigation.

In-depth market research helps to support companies engaged in new product development to anticipate market penetration, business potential and overall perception. The research goal is to maximize new product commercial potential while minimizing the risks associated with a new product launch.

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Business Questions

Purchase potential: Customer reaction and anticipated adoption
Product attractiveness
New product key purchase drivers
Market size and market potential
Parameters affecting purchase decision
Wizer & Sodastream
Discover how Wizer helped SodaStream leverage market research to make strategic executive decisions. Jodi Ben-Meir, category manager at SodaStream, discusses her experience working with Wizer on a variety of marketing research projects.

Maurices Case Study
Learn how Wizer helped maurices discover new growth potential, revamp garment fit, and boost fit perception by 500 BPS
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Tiny Love
Wizer researches four multinational markets for toy & baby products leader Tiny Love – for the price of one market
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