According to Gartner, augmented analytics is going to be the gold standard of gathering insight, through the use of advanced technology and richer data in obtaining better intelligence.

Trend∞ is Wizer’s breakthrough augmented analytics solution for trend detection, monitoring, and projection.

Trend looks at trend spotting in a holistic way: not one input can disclose the full picture in a category (or several categories), and it’s really challenging to glean interesting, consistent insights from massive data sources manually, especially over time.

Wizer is applying machine learning and other advanced technologies that ingest and normalize multiple, disparate sources of valuable data (survey, search, sales, social, etc..), and advanced analytics to provide holistic insights such as:

  • Most prominent trends on the rise (and declining)
  • Top current trends in the market
  • Early-on signals that may turn into trends

You can also drill down into the data to get some rationale behind the metrics.

Trend∞ already works in several consumer goods categories:

Food | Beverages | Apparel | Personal care

With a self-learning domain mapping algorithm, It can be easily set up with new business categories if needed.

Trend∞ could impact several strategic aspects of the business, such as:

  • M&A
  • Innovation
  • Product pipeline
  • Advertising communication


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