Our Core Technology: KEIRA

KEIRA is a breakthrough technology that performs complex research & data-analysis tasks at a large scale. It leverages different A.I. techniques and "smart data" architecture to perform tasks in three main areas:

Streaming research by digitizing and automation data collection, processing and analysis.
Generating holistic insights, by ingesting and harmonizing rich multi-sourced data.
Combining Qual and Quant research or primary and secondary research in a single platform.

KEIRA's Capabilities:


Wizer solutions powered by KEIRA

KEIRA powers research solutions by combining cutting-edge methods with data from social, search, sales and other sources. This enables the holy grail of having both Qual (at scale) and Quant in a single digital methodology.

Leverage A.I. to slice through survey data harmonized with machine-extracted stimulus data, to discover and optimize your best product ideas, claims and packaging concepts.
Understand your consumers' brand perceptions by augmenting surveys with rich data sources to get a holistic view of your brand.
By analyzing countless correlations and leveraging deep learning, Wizer will detect, analyze and forecast the next trends in your industry.

“We’re thrilled with the insights that Wizer delivered! Wizer has managed to combine stellar customer experience with a tremendous business value for us.

Kristin Anderson
Head of consumer insights

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