Our secret sauce:
the building blocks approach

WizerOne is all the technology you’ll need in one place. By combining automated consumer testing building blocks into a unique research instance for each and every study, WizerOne builds around your exact needs – to ensure maximum efficiency in minimal time.

Truly customizable,
very fast, no tradeoffs

Powered by advanced AI and automation that break research down into optimizable units, this core technology is ever learning and evolving, keeping us – and you – truly cutting-edge.

Armed with the special touch of human expertise, our dedicated Wizers will help you to curate the right building blocks to insure you get the automated consumer insights, that you need.


Together, we make your research your own

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How GetWizer uses AI and Smart Data

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Our tech/human hybrid approach
makes for research that isn’t only
impactful, but also fast, efficient, and surprisingly affordable.

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