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How GetWizer uses AI and Smart Data

  • By Oded Blank
  • August 6, 2018
  • 2 min

Keynote presentation at IIeX North America 2018, by GetWizer’s Head of Strategic Innovation, Peter Mackey

With AI, the possibilities for the market research industry is limitless. AI pushes the industry to be better and faster. It enables more researchers to deliver more impactful results. At GetWizer, we’re helping revolutionize the industry with our latest AI technology — KEIRA.


In his keynote presentation at IIeX North America 2018, GetWizer’s Head of Strategic Innovation, Peter Mackey, discusses our new platform, KEIRA, or the Knowledge Enhancement Ingestion and Reporting Algorithm. In a gist, it is “a piece of tech that performs very complex research and data science at a super large scale.”

KEIRA leverages and analyzes different data inputs to present bigger insights. It is a combination of several AI-driven processes including automation, self-learning domain mapping, and meta-data from images and texts. The technology produces “insights and meta-insights across these sources delivered through a digital dashboard.”


For now, KEIRA works in three different areas: Innovation, Brand Health, and Trend Detection.

Mackey shares the power of KEIRA when used to generate a meta-insight during multiple research activities. “It identified that early adopters are more loyal to the product than they were to the channels. They became less loyal.” Consequently, “non-early adopters were more loyal to the channel and less to products.”

This is significant because the GetWizer team wasn’t asked to identify the insight. The machine identified it and became an additional learning insight. If AI helps generate meta-insights such as this, then the market research industry may well be on the right path to produce better, faster and more impactful results at a larger scale.

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