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GetWizer is a consumer insights platform integrating the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and surprisingly affordable research experience.

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  • Think it

    Test any idea, answer any question

    Using a modular building-block approach, GetWizer lets you test every conceivable use case, from concept testing, to brand tracking, to deep-dive profiling and beyond – while customizing your methods and framework to achieve maximum impact.

  • Test it

    The best of tech & human expertise combined

    We leverage tech where it makes the most sense, and tap human expertise for the deepest answers to your most pressing questions.

    Our core technology, WizerOne, uses AI, automation, and machine learning to break research down into optimizable units – while our in-house Wizers act as your dedicated human research specialists, helping you to make the most of our cutting-edge technology.

  • Repeat

    The more studies you run, costs drop and efficiency improves

    GetWizer lets you scale consumer insights, repeatedly up your game, and obtain better results at a lower cost with each successive study. As you continue to customize our versatile building blocks to your methods and needs, you’ll see test performance escalate from one iteration to the next – and spend fewer dollars and hours per study.

    Next Insurance found out firsthand just how effectively GetWizer boosts results, cuts costs, and streamlines performance.

  • Get wiser

    Gain access to what drives your customers and your brand

    GetWizer raises the ceiling on knowledge by allowing for unprecedented understanding of consumer trends, patterns, and anomalies. Featuring advanced indexing and search, this easily manageable knowledge base opens up whole new avenues of collaboration among research, product and marketing stakeholders across your organization.

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  • I have a GetWizer tab open on my computer at all times. It’s fast, it’s tech-forward, and it’s affordable.

    Suzanne DuFore, Corporate Head of Research Next Insurance

  • GetWizer provided us with a creative solution that made our content testing strategy effective, even for international mini-series.

    Cristina Pectu, Executive Director,
    Global Primary Research Sony

  • I would like to gratefully thank our fantastic partner GetWizer for fielding the study and assisting with the data. Can't recommend them enough!

    Gavin Bridge, Senior Media Analyst Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+)

  • GetWizer has been our long-term partner for understanding what our consumers think and feel, and evaluate their sentiment towards our brand over time. Their platform and service have been invaluable in supporting our decisions in our key markets.

    Amanda Lamb, Global Marketing Director,
    Team Sports & Brand Partnerships Wilson

  • GetWizer are the top partners to all things insights in Playtika – their experience, expertise and capabilities to deliver deep, rich and fast insights from every point on this planet help us in tracking our game brands and make smarter decisions.

    Gilad Kremer, Market research & competitive intelligence Playtika

  • Working with GetWizer is so much easier than working with Qualtrics because the team was there for us every step of the way, from weighing in on the questionnaire through to creating the final report.

    Lana Weissbard, Research Director Reelz Channel

  • What makes the work GetWizer’s done for Marketing Architects so remarkable is not just its accuracy, but its agile nature. We’re able to quickly test stimulus material, like animatics, and get results in days, not weeks... When we challenged GetWizer’s platform to be even faster without impacting the quality of the research, from fielding respondents to executing the dashboard for reporting, GetWizer rolled up their sleeves and delivered.

    Rob DeMars, Chief Creative Officer Marketing Architects

  • We used GetWizer to help us penetrate globally with a new product, to fine-tune our messaging, and better understand our target audience. As an innovative product that changes the way babies are fed, GetWizer has been essential to our success.

    Barak Orenstein, Global Director of Marketing Else Nutrition

  • I was pleasantly surprised by the custom-built dashboard GetWizer delivered. it made my job so much easier. GetWizer's hybrid approach provides the benefits of both an agency and DIY tools.

    Kristy Jobe, Director, Growth Innovation and Partnerships Bloomin’ Brands

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Hello! We’re a group of handpicked research specialists in charge of running your research for maximum impact, at scale.

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From survey to insights in as little as 5 days, our journey is hybrid all the way

  • super speed enabled by our building blocks approach

  • collaborate with your dedicated Wizer to custom design framework

  • 3 layers of data cleansing powered by cutting-edge AI & automation

  • Truly global=> your Wizer helps you adapt to any territory an culture

  • advanced analytics features

  • Get that extra layer of insights only humans can produce

  • Automated reports easily exported to PPT and shared in or outside your organization

  • Centralize knowledge and maximize impact

New levels of knowledge

YES, with GetWizer you get top-notch research, better insights, and a tighter pitch – and all of it faster. But the best part is that you redefine your organization’s fundamental relationship to information, with a knowledge base of your very own that’s sharable, repackageable, and collaborative.

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