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Centralizing Your Research in One Knowledge Hub

  • By Oded Blank
  • May 1, 2022
  • 3 min

How to put knowledge management at the heart of your organization

The lack of a central location to easily store and quickly share insights data and research reports, means that most insight teams miss the opportunity to deliver their knowledge to a broader audience. This results in a failure to maximize the impact of market research within the organization and beyond.


GetWizer’s dashboard feature provides insight teams with a centralized digital hub where all research is stored. This eliminates information silos by making research immediately accessible to a broader audience to promote a culture of data-driven decision-making.


This easy-to-use knowledge management platform is where research can be searched, studied and shared with ease, truly democratizing your research data. As each research project is tagged with the relevant keywords, GetWizer offers advanced search capabilities, including title, topic and country. Search results can then be filtered to exclude research featuring non-relevant keywords, countries, etc, from appearing in the results.

Unfortunately, knowledge management is often an afterthought in organizations, leaving individuals desperately searching for research reports in email attachments, disorganized computer files or even cabinets. This increases the likelihood of important opportunities to share research findings with a broader audience being missed, impacting on decision making. It can also result in the duplication of effort where teams carry out the same or similar research as they have no visibility of projects currently being undertaken or even completed within the organization.

Knowledge management is at the heart of GetWizer, giving users the ability to share and collaborate. Files (such as text, images and video) can be uploaded and attached to research projects, making them easily and instantly accessible. The tile-based design offers the ability to view all research projects, tag files and pin favorites, allowing for the management of research projects in a more intuitive way.


The platform also features a permission-based system, giving full control over which users are given authorized access to specific research projects. This allows the ability to view files to be granted on a per-project basis by inviting stakeholders to the platform. Once a user logs into GetWizer, the dashboard will display all the projects they have been given access to.

GetWizer transforms research into a much more potent and powerful resource that can be accessed, shared and collaborated on with ease.

One of the biggest barriers to insights continuously empowering decision making is the failure to clearly communicate and distribute research among stakeholders. GetWizer overcomes this by enabling you to get your market insights in front of the right people and at the right time, putting research at the heart of organizations.

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