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The Getwizer consumer insights platform enables insight, product, and marketing teams to study whatever they need, whenever they need it, with minimal manual work and the freedom to finally focus on business-driving decisions.

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From concept testing to deep-dive profiling and beyond, Getwizer lets you validate any idea, as soon as you decide on it – measuring your brand’s performance to monitor and boost its growth.

  • Creative idea screening
  • Product & service testing
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Consumer profiling
  • Usage & attitude
  • Concept testing

Always keep on track

Why stop consumer research at some arbitrary point? With Getwizer you can test and test again, continuously gleaning fresh insights into trends, patterns, and anomalies that drive your customers and your brand.

  • Brand health
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer experience
  • Price optimization
  • Market trends
  • Competitive landscape

Templates? Not here

Getwizer is fully modular, combining automated research building blocks into a singular research instance that’s built around your needs, each and every time – ensuring maximum efficiency in minimal time.

From survey to insights in as
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How Race Is Playing A Major Role In The NFT Boom

Variety and Getwizer joined forces to research the rapid growth of NFTs, who is buying them and what is hot and what’s not in the world of these digital assets. The world of NFTs has rapidly turned into a billion dollar boom. The crypto-assets exploded in value last year to become a $27 billion …

Getwizer 2021 Research Highlights

Delivering fast, cost-effective insights to power the decision-making of leading brands We’re proud to share with you some of the work we did this year with our customers, work that had tremendous impact on their business – launching new products, promoting existing products, enhancing brand …

How Covid is changing consumer behavior

A recent study conducted by Nielsen and Getwizer revealed how Covid is impacting consumer behavior.  In a recent joint study by Getwizer and Nielsen, 75% of consumers said they would consider switching to CPG brands that care about those affected by COVID19. The study also revealed that Corona is …

Turning COVID lemons into lemonade: a spotlight on IHUT

Social distancing and stay-at-home mandates forced an almost complete shut down of CLTs. Learn why top performing brands turn to IHUT to the rescue.

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