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How Getwizer’s building-block approach to consumer insight solutions translates AI and automation into better insights, faster

  • By Getwizer Team
  • May 15, 2022
  • 5 min

If there is one ‘new normal’ companies need to adapt to it is the constant unfolding changes in consumer behavior. These can be rapid and unpredictable, and can quickly erode the market share of brands that fail to react. This has catapulted the need for fast, reliable and repeatable cost-effective market research to the top of most organization’s wish lists. 

Traditional research methods, however, are simply too slow and too expensive to keep pace in this world of constant and evolving change. The result is a growing move towards the automation of research to deliver faster and more cost effective results. But relying on DIY automated research solutions requires expertise few firms have. A one-size-fits-all automated template approach simply does not provide the flexibility and adaptability researchers need. This is why Getwizer, as a tech-human hybrid consumer research platform, leverages AI and automation where it makes the most sense, and avails of human expertise when needed to add value to and customize more complex tasks.

Faster research powered by technology

Getwizer delivers a fully modular platform, utilizing automated research building blocks powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop bespoke research programs built around your specific needs. This ensures, from the very start of the research process, an unrivaled mix of speed, accuracy and efficiency supercharges your research process. 

From the get go, automated demographic, psychographics and screener filters ensure your desired target audience is perfectly captured in your panel selection. Your dedicated Getwizer researcher then swiftly creates a survey question module that perfectly matches your requirements. This is then instantly dispatched to a panel of respondents that match your targeting criteria, making sure you get answers from the right people. 

Advanced analytics 

As insights, opinions and comments flow in, AI dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of this data gathering process. Machine Learning Algorithms are used to instantly and accurately analyze open-ended text responses. This identifies and extracts the key topics and various themes being raised by respondents in real-time. Insights that were previously difficult to extract from massive amounts of long, open-ended responses can now be captured instantly, reducing time-to-insight from days to minutes. 

Analyzing images uploaded by respondents is also vastly enhanced using AI. Getwizer uses machine vision algorithms to examine the content of images and then automatically tags and categorizes them. Research teams benefit by no longer having to manually sort through and tag hundreds of images to gather insights.

Qualitative insights in an instant

AI enhances qualitative as well as quantitative research by utilizing an array of advanced analytical tools. This enables you to seamlessly incorporate qual elements, such as real-time focus groups, into research projects. Video provides an unrivaled medium for respondents to freely discuss their opinions and thoughts. AI automatically collects and presents these insights, using automated video analytics and editing tools to capture open-ended responses, greatly enhancing the speed and ability of researchers to capture authentic consumer stories. 

The tech behind advanced analytics also provides a range of dashboard tools that offer the visualization of insights in an instant. Heatmaps, for example, can quickly assess the impact of images, such as an ad, by allowing respondents to highlight an area that first grabs their attention. They then write why, and a simple click on a section of the heatmap instantly reveals the associated comments gathered for that specific part of the image. The Text Highlighter tool offers the same functionality for text, enabling respondents to highlight words and sentences that resonate with them and then explain why. 

The speed and automated set up of once cumbersome consumer tests is also a breeze with Getwizer. The Shopping Exercise tool automatically creates complex virtual shelving environments and uses eye-tracking tests to test how visible your product will be on the retail shelf and how quickly it takes respondents to find it. 

Real-time data cleansing 

Data quality is always an issue that requires attention during the research process, because bad or ‘dirty’ data can undermine the validity of the entire data set and any insights derived from it. Getwizer deploys AI algorithms to automatically, in real time, identify and remove inaccurate, irrelevant or meaningless information from your raw data. AI is smart and powerful enough to detect curse words, typos and gibberish — the things you want to avoid when presenting data for a report. 

The real-time automation of data cleansing assures quality, lowers cost, eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces overall time-in-field. It also ensures data quality throughout the process, as bad data is eliminated in an instant. 

Faster time to insight

Getwizer’s sleek reporting capability then uses advanced data visualizations to display your research in your WiserOne dashboard making it easily accessible to users throughout the organization. The research data can be instantly converted into an impressive PowerPoint presentation within the Getwizer platform, making it fast and easy to share results. 

WizerOne’s centralized knowledge hub means your research results are always available to review and compare over time to uncover benchmarks, norms, and market trends. The more studies you complete, the better your Wizer knows you, and the more costs drop and efficiency improves. And when needed, Getwizer’s building blocks, advanced AI and automation will always be there to test anything, at scale and as often as you like.  

Undertaking consumer research is rarely a simple process. Questionnaire construction, panel preparation, question analysis, and all the other elements are often a disjointed minefield strewn with potential errors and bad data that can destroy your efforts. Getwizer’s automated building blocks powered by AI provides a one-stop shop solution that integrates best-in-class quantitative and qualitative methods to fully capture consumer sentiments and keep your study relevant.

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