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Getwizer is a hybrid consumer insights platform that integrates the finest in tech and human expertise to deliver a rapid, tailored, and surprisingly affordable research experience.


It’s in our DNA

To us, tech-human convergence isn’t a mere research philosophy or a clever twist on existing methods. It’s our fundamental essence.

Unlike agencies that utilize tech or platforms that include managed services, Getwizer was built hybrid – from the ground up, from day one – with scale-defying AI and automation superpowers that are wielded by a select group of human experts.

We enable insight, product, and marketing teams to study whatever they need, whenever they need it, with minimal manual work and the freedom to finally focus on business-driving decisions.


We have the best clients

  • I have a Getwizer tab open on my computer at all times. It’s fast, it’s tech-forward, and it’s affordable.

    Suzanne DuFore, Corporate Head of Research Next Insurance

  • Getwizer provided us with a creative solution that made our content testing strategy effective, even for international mini-series.

    Cristina Pectu, Executive Director,
    Global Primary Research Sony

  • I would like to gratefully thank our fantastic partner Getwizer for fielding the study and assisting with the data. Can’t recommend them enough!

    Gavin Bridge, Senior Media Analyst Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+)

  • Getwizer has been our long-term partner for understanding what our consumers think and feel, and evaluate their sentiment towards our brand over time. Their platform and service have been invaluable in supporting our decisions in our key markets.

    Amanda Lamb, Global Marketing Director,
    Team Sports & Brand Partnerships Wilson

  • Getwizer are the top partners to all things insights in Playtika – their experience, expertise and capabilities to deliver deep, rich and fast insights from every point on this planet help us in tracking our game brands and make smarter decisions.

    Gilad Kremer, Market research & competitive intelligence Playtika

  • Working with Getwizer is so much easier than working with Qualtrics because the team was there for us every step of the way, from weighing in on the questionnaire through to creating the final report.

    Lana Weissbard, Research Director Reelz Channel

  • What makes the work Getwizer’s done for Marketing Architects so remarkable is not just its accuracy, but it’s agile nature. We’re able to quickly test stimulus material, like animatics, and get results in days…When we challenged Getwizer’s platform to be even faster without impacting the quality, Getwizer rolled up their sleeves and delivered.

    Rob DeMars, Chief Creative Officer Marketing Architects

  • We used Getwizer to help us penetrate globally with a new product, to fine-tune our messaging, and better understand our target audience. As an innovative product that changes the way babies are fed, Getwizer has been essential to our success.

    Barak Orenstein, Global Director of Marketing Else Nutrition

  • I was pleasantly surprised by the custom-built dashboard Getwizer delivered. it made my job so much easier. Getwizer’s hybrid approach provides the benefits of both an agency and DIY tools.

    Kristy Jobe, Director, Growth Innovation and Partnerships Bloomin’ Brands

Getwizer by numbers

  • 2014 the year it all began
  • 55 clients repeatedly testing with us
  • 500 ideas validated in 2021
  • 40+ territories we run studies in

We are better together


  • Bruce Friend
    Bruce Friend CEO
  • Alon Ravid
    Alon Ravid President & Co-Founder
  • Eyal Partuk
    Eyal Partuk CFO
  • Shira Watermann
    Shira Watermann SVP, Global Research
  • Alex Frankel Schorr
    Alex Frankel Schorr SVP, Insights & Strategy
  • Guy Raz Nir
    Guy Raz Nir CTO
  • Roni Dagan
    Roni Dagan CMO


  • Alon Ravid
    Alon Ravid President & Co-Founder
  • Andrey Yashunsky
    Andrey Yashunsky CEO and Co-Founder at Prytek Group
  • Yossi Amon
    Yossi Amon Chief Commercial Officer at Prytek Group
  • Bruce Friend
    Bruce Friend CEO


  • Mano Geva
    Mano Geva Scientific Advisor &
  • Eric Grosgogeat
    Eric Grosgogeat Investor, CEO of ANCILE solutions
  • Prof. Oded Netzer
    Prof. Oded Netzer World expert in applied statistical modeling
  • Steve Lubin
    Steve Lubin Entrepreneur and Investor, MarTech
  • Rex Yuxing Du
    Rex Yuxing Du World expert, trend spotting and multi-stream data analysis


  • Prytek
  • Nielsen
  • SOMV
  • Marketing Architects
  • Yahoo


  • Remesh
  • Voxpopme
  • canvs
  • rybbon
  • PINCme

Diversity of people
and ideas

Human diversity equals diversity of thought. We at Getwizer are made up of talented people from all backgrounds and identities, each bringing his or her experience, perspective, and skills into a whole that – in the most practical sense – truly exceeds the sum of its parts.

Inclusivity gets you closer to the truth

The building-block approach of our core technology also extends to the human aspect of our research. People are the building blocks of the world that we help study, a world made up of myriad voices. Doesn’t it make sense to include as many of those voices as we can?

Hop onboard,
the weather’s fine!

At Getwizer, you’ll work with the world’s largest consumer brands, using innovative research and technology to tackle fascinating challenges side-by-side with professionals like you.

We believe that the happier you are, the happier the client. At our offices in NY and Israel, you’ll find that we encourage initiative, personal growth, and a healthy life/work balance.


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