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Heatmaps: Can Your DIY Research Tool Do This?

  • By Oded Blank
  • August 8, 2018
  • 2 min

Making advanced consumer insights more accessible 

In the past when you wanted to go beyond simple charts and rudimentary insights into something more robust, you had to leave behind the cost effectiveness of do-it-yourself (DIY) tools and hire a marketing research firm. In fact, one of the primary advantages of engaging a more traditional marketing research agency was in their ability to use sophisticated methodologies to get insights that cannot be uncovered when using a DIY approach.


At GetWizer, we have changed that. Today, we can deliver many competencies that once required custom work on behalf of the agency – at a fraction of the cost. Heatmaps are a great example. This type of study that provides invaluable insights might have set you back $20-30k. Today, GetWizer can deliver the same feedback far more economically.

Above is an example for a heatmap study that we could have done for a well-known food brand found in any supermarket. The goal was to test new product label options for favorability. The data presented here is real, but we removed the client’s branding from the label to keep their information confidential.


In this example, we asked respondents to indicate what they liked about the label. As you can see from the heatmap, respondents liked the clear, bold description of the product, its flavor, and the fact that they use fresh, organic ingredients only. On the other hand, the brand name (which might be of some concern!) and fine print got less attention from participants. And the product visual added little value.


GetWizer is committed to moving beyond merely diagnostics scorecards to offering prescriptive and actionable data that make deep consumer insights more accessible to more brands. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll present even more agile approaches and analytics that were once only available at top agencies and can now be affordably leveraged by everyone.

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