We are a tech/human hybrid

We leverage tech where it makes the most sense, and tap human expertise for the deepest answers to your most pressing questions.


Meet the Wizers

We’re your dedicated human research specialists. We know you, your work, and your brand – knowledge that follows us from one study to the next, allowing us to standardize and democratize consumer research across your organization.

We help you to make the most of WizerOne, so that you can focus on what you do best: coming up with brilliant ideas and making the decisions that drive business.


We’re a group of handpicked research specialists in charge of running your research for maximum impact, at scale

  • Sonia Crespo

    Senior Director, Global Research

    “Combining technology with expert researchers provides agility, flexibility and consultation to tackle any research need. It’s incredibly valuable to be able to tailor research to specific business questions without the distraction of unnecessary metrics, and to do so with speed.”

  • Shira Watermann

    SVP Global Research

    “As a Wizer, you’re no longer forced that choice between majorly helping one or two stakeholders, or helping lots of them only a little. You provide an organization’s entire cross-section of insight and marketing managers with service that is transformative to them.”

  • Hilary Jones

    Director, Qualitative Insights & Strategy

    “Our tech-driven approach allows us to work nimbly and efficiently without compromising thoughtfulness and creativity. Providing quick turn data alongside analytical rigor, insightful discoveries, and strategic guidance, helps clients make decisions critical to driving their businesses forward.”

All the tech in one place

At the core of Getwizer’s operations is our secret sauce, our enabler: WizerOne. Powered by advanced AI and automation, this ever-learning technology breaks research down into optimizable building blocks, allowing for endless customization and keeping us – and you – truly cutting-edge.


From survey to insights in as little as 5 days, our journey is hybrid all the way

  • 1 Framework & audience
    Working hand in hand
    Working hand in hand

    From defining the target audience, through online panel setup, to vetting methods and best practices, Each element of your research project is customized in close collaboration with your dedicated Wizer. Your project is then programmed from the ground up, in practically no time, using WizerOne’s automated research building blocks.

  • 2 Data processing
    Quick but not dirty: WizerOne AI data cleansing
    Quick but not dirty: WizerOne AI data cleansing

    Our artificial intelligence algorithm deploys a mix of approaches, including natural language processing and image analysis, to analyze survey responses for relevancy and readability. The algorithm automatically spots problematic data to apply real-time data cleansing, thus ensuring data integrity and the accuracy of your research insights.

  • 3 Data analysis
    Wisdom beyond information
    Wisdom beyond information

    WizerOne-powered consumer intelligence allows you to go from survey to insights to action within days, not weeks. Each client is assigned a dedicated Wizer who acts as their personal quant expert, to help analyze research results, thus delivering quality insights and driving better business decisions.

  • 4 Advanced reporting
    Deliver pitch-perfect presentations
    Deliver pitch-perfect presentations

    WizerOne auto-generates sleek reports in its dashboard, in addition to powerful PowerPoint presentations for superior data sharing. The use of clearly labeled data, impactful charts, and engaging design allows for faster understanding and consumption of research.

  • 5 Sharing
    Democratize your data
    Democratize your data

    WizerOne lets you instantly share research reports and set permissions for individual stakeholders – vastly improving the propagation and processing of data in and outside your organization.

  • 6 Getting wiser
    Break the ceiling
    Break the ceiling

    Getwizer lets you effortlessly centralize all research projects across the various business units and teams in your organization. Getting wiser means going beyond any one context and establishing a knowledge base that uncovers and tracks key benchmarks, norms, and market trends over time.

To us, tech-human convergence isn’t a
mere research philosophy or a new twist on existing methods.
It’s in our DNA.

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