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Agile Qual Solutions: Bringing Numbers to Life and Delivering Affordable Insights to Research Data

  • By Hilary Jones
  • January 7, 2024
  • 4 min

When brands are looking to get to grips with consumer behavior and perceptions, quantitative research is their go-to solution. But quant research often fails to capture the ‘why’ behind consumer actions and offer insights into intricate emotions, motivations, and the underlying reasons guiding consumer choices. This is because the rigid structure of its research instruments, such as surveys or questionnaires, limits the ability of respondents to express complex opinions or experiences, potentially leading to oversimplification or missing out on crucial qualitative nuances.

These limitations can be solved by adding quick, cost-effective, yet enriching snippets of qualitative color and voice to bring quant numbers and data to life. To achieve this, Getwizer leverages its tech to provide AI Moderation, Open End Coding and Analysis for questionnaires and Video, Image and Audio Uploads for its qualitative research.

Adding Cost-Effective Qual Insights to Solve Quant’s Limitations

Let’s look at an example of this Quant Qual solution in action. A customer wanted to test some ideas for a new target audience using a quantitative survey. However, when designing their survey they realized they would need a more intimate understanding of the consumers they wanted to target. In other words, before they could even decide what to test in quant, they needed to learn more about who they were talking to and what would resonate most with them.

To deliver these insights, Getwizer conducted exploratory in-depth interviews to better understand user needs, motivations and reasons for choosing specific products. We also showed them a potential website. Thanks to the feedback and insights the research uncovered, the company was able to work with a creative agency to come up with three different concepts for the product. These were then tested using Getwizer’s quant capabilities. This would never have been possible if they had not used Getwizer to undertake the qualitative research beforehand.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds — Getwizer’s Solutions

When brands are looking to add more ‘color’ to quantitative research to gain more nuanced insights, Getwizer deploys ‘qual’ tools such as:

● In-Depth Interviews
● Discussion/Focus Groups
● Video Diaries
● In-Home Usage Tests

This innovative use of qual research to boost the effectiveness of quant research was spearheaded by Getwizer’s highly seasoned team of industry veterans. Their decades of experience of working with clients in the industry led them to realize that if qualitative research was less time consuming, less resource-intensive and more affordable, brands would utilize it more frequently.

To achieve this they leveraged Getwizer’s unique tech human hybrid approach, that integrates the very best of tech with the very best human expertise available. This allowed them to deliver a custom, quick and surprisingly affordable qualitative research experience and combine the best of both worlds with Getwizer’s unique Quant Qual solution.

Getwizer’s approach is very flexible, with a sharp focus on individual client needs, budget and timeframe. It can also complement your current quantitative project or deliver stand-alone qualitative research.

Making Qualitative Research More Accessible and Affordable

The addition of affordable qualitative research allows brands to quickly learn more about the individuals that make up their target audience than they could achieve using quantitative research alone. It is also a superb solution to those who have undertaken a quantitative study and the resulting research results reveal something they want more information on, but they don’t want to do 500 interviews. It’s a real game changer for them to know they can use Getwizer to do, for example, 5 to 10 interviews to gain more of an understanding of their research and add more color to their quantitative data.

Clients that need more in depth insights but don’t have the time or budget to invest in extensive and expensive qualitative research, now have the ideal solution to add value to their research results without breaking the bank.

Discover more about Getwizer’s Quant Qual solution by clicking here to arrange a demo today.

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