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Getwizer’s Dream Team Gets Stronger

  • By Getwizer Team
  • June 7, 2023
  • 6 min

At the heart of Getwizer is a unique hybrid approach that integrates the very best of tech with the very best human expertise available to deliver a custom, quick and surprisingly affordable research experience.

Ensuring our continued research excellence therefore not only relies on continuing to innovate from a technological perspective, but also on broadening and deepening the skill sets of our highly talented team of Wizers, your dedicated human research specialists.

So we are delighted to introduce you to our new hires Dean Macko, Sonia Crespo, Jeff Parrotte, and Donatella Casale. These handpicked research specialists further strengthen our ability to take charge of running your research for maximum impact. So let’s get the lowdown on each of these new Getwizer research stars.

Dean Macko, Getwizer’s New VP of Strategy & Growth

Dean brings with him extensive knowledge from his 25 years in market research and his focus on tech-first approaches to deliver better quantitative and qualitative insight. He previously held C-Suite roles for companies, such as Voxpopme and Inguo, and worked for industry stalwarts like GfK and Millward Brown Digital. However, it is his contribution to Hyundai during the financial crisis of 2009, where his deep research experience and entrepreneurial spirit made such a significant impact, that he counts as one of his career highlights.

“My research at Hyundai during the financial crisis of 2009 was instrumental in our launch of the Hyundai Assurance program,” he says. ”The 2nd-most popular reason people were delaying their vehicle purchase was because of job insecurity. The program allowed people who had purchased a new vehicle to return it if they were laid off. Our sales rose in a down market, and the program was copied by dozens of other firms.”

So, what attracted Dean to work for Getwizer? “Researchers are being asked to do more with less these days, and Getwizer’s unique approach is fit for the times,” he says. “As a client researcher, I have conducted DIY studies in the past and it was burdensome. Full-service projects were always expensive and a drain on my budget. Getwizer is a great solution in between these two options, and the people I get to work with are amazing.”

His goal now is to spread the word and increase the awareness of Getwizer “so people can spend less time on manual and mundane tasks associated with quantitative research, and spend more time on the ‘Now What’s’.”

Sonia Crespo, Getwizer’s New Senior Director, Global Research

With over 18 years of market research experience at Nielsen BASES, Sonia has supported a variety of clients from large global organizations to smaller US-based companies. Her experience also spans a variety of industries (CPG, Healthcare, Services), research approaches (concept/product monadic/sequential, discrete choice, price sensitivity, etc) and methodologies (online and face-to-face). 

Describing herself as a passionate, professional and detail-oriented Market Research leader, Sonia is highly results focused. During her time at Nielsen BASES she held various sales, execution and operations positions and was recognized for her high quality standards and growing accounts through exceptional client service. “I did this by developing strong relationships, earning trust and delivering high quality work,” she says. “Clients viewed me as a strategic partner and not just another vendor. I also participated in several internal groups where I helped improve and develop operational processes.”

So, given her vast experience, what does she believe sets Getwizer apart from other research companies? “The research flexibility, price and speed,” she says. “Clients can create completely custom research plans that specifically meet their needs without being tied to a set analytical framework, and they can get their results quickly and at a fraction of the price of the competition. They get the consultation from expert researchers while still having the freedom to make it their own.”

Jeff Parrotte, Getwizer’s New Research Director

An experienced quantitative specialist in the market research industry, with a focus on CPG, Jeff brings broad experience of running research studies from start to finish, with an ability to multitask whether its programming, data processing, quality control, or report writing. He previously worked at PRS-INVIVO (now Behaviorally) and MarketCast, working his way upwards through various research roles.

Jeff was attracted to work at Getwizer because of “the forward-thinking data-sharing structure, the wide array of research being done, and the company’s small, nimble size”.

His goal now is to focus on helping Getwizer build on its status within the research sector and continue to grow “both through the strength of its reputation within the industry and through thought leadership.”

Donatella Casale, Getwizer’s New Market Research Manager

With expertise in  research, customer behavior, strategic marketing, and product management, Donatella brings an impressive track record of gathering and analyzing key customer and product insights. She has gained extensive experience in leveraging these insights to get real-time answers to marketing and product questions in order to help create valuable customer experiences.

“I am grateful to have successfully led numerous large scale qualitative and quantitative market research projects and delivered insightful market research reports,” she says. “These have been key in contributing to the launch of new products, the exploration of new markets, and the improvement of brand awareness and market share for top companies operating in a variety of sectors, including the High Tech and the FMCGs sectors.”

Now her focus is on using her passion for research and extensive experience to drive Getwizer forward and contribute to the company’s mission to use the tech/human hybrid approach to help the world’s leading brands to make decisions and succeed. 

“Getwizer stands apart from other companies for several reasons,” she says. “First, for its people. Working at Getwizer is extremely stimulating, as I have a chance to work side by side with an amazing team of highly skilled, talented and friendly colleagues in a welcoming environment that stimulates learning and growth. Second, its product. The Getwizer’s consumer insights platform integrates the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and surprisingly affordable research experience to its clients, and I am proud of being part of it!”

Your Dedicated Wizers

The success of any project, and its ability to generate insights that move the needle, is largely dependent on the thinking that goes into the research design at the very start of the study. This is why our team of Wizers serve as the driving force for using research to uncover the “What?” and then to develop the insights to answer the crucial questions of “So?” and “What’s next?” This comprehensive approach, powered by our team of Wizers, ensures that companies can make informed decisions and stay ahead in this time of ever-changing consumer preferences.

Therefore, we look forward to seeing our new hires help drive future strategies for Getwizer’s world-class clients through agile, impactful, and fiscally-responsible research collaborations.

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