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2022: The Year Market Research Became Faster, More Insightful and Even More Cost Effective

  • By Getwizer Team
  • December 13, 2022
  • 5 min

Driven by innovation, Getwizer has been constantly evolving, adding new features and enhancing others, to keep ahead of the fast paced requirements needed to keep track of the rapid changes in consumer behavior.

There have never been greater demands on market research to identify rapidly evolving consumer preferences in an era of unprecedented change in buyer behavior. This is forcing brands to constantly research and track consumer attitudes to inform their decision making and ensure they remain competitive.

But while the world of consumer behavior has been changing, so has Getwizer. To continually deliver fast, repeatable, cost-effective insights to power decision making, Getwizer constantly innovates and evolves.

Getwizer has always offered exceptional, high-level automated research tools, such as advanced analytics (including MaxDiff, TURF, Van Westendorp, and more), implicit and behavioral data capabilities (virtual shelving environments, quick association tests, timed exercises, etc) and integrated IHUT testing. However, over the past year there have been a host of major product development milestones achieved to ensure Getwizer remains the very best combination of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and surprisingly affordable research experience.

Here are the key milestone capabilities Getwizer celebrated launching on its hybrid consumer insights platform in 2022:

Geo-Targeting Capabilities

Getwizer now provides geo-targeting capabilities, allowing researchers to target people in a specific location (e.g. those currently shopping at Walmart) or within a specific radius. This further adds to Getwizer’s ability to conduct localized research no matter where the target audience is located. Getwizer’s team of experts deliver the domain and vertical knowledge throughout the globe, providing the situational fluency to refine, localize and customize research projects. This allows brands to execute multiple research geo-targeting projects in multiple languages simultaneously, making the process faster, better and cheaper. Indeed, one client used this capability to conduct research in ten different countries in just two weeks.

Read more about Getwizer’s capabilities to target global locations here.

Editable Branded Presentations

In 2022, the ability to instantly present and share research results using Getwizer’s Native PowerPoint was further enhanced with the addition of more chart options, formatted HTML text fields and greater editing capabilities. The biggest advantage of the editable PowerPoint is that, while many DIY research tools allow users to download static images, Getwizer’s PPT downloads allow you to export real PPT charts that are editable. Unlike other solutions, Getwizer’s branded templates allow its clients to have their research in their own design, down to the hex codes used in their brand’s color palette, without the additional work of DIY customization.

Read more about Getwizer’s PowerPoint capabilities here.

Insights and Recommendations 

Getwizer now not only provides research that is fast and affordable, but delivers ready-to-use and actionable recommendations after a research project has been concluded. This is achievable by combining the technology to optimize the research process and marrying it with the human expertise needed to deliver high-level, strategic insights. These research insights help to kickstart the actions a company needs to take based on the results of their research.

Read more about Getwizer’s insights and recommendations here.

Improved Analysis of Open-Ended Responses

The automated analysis of open-ended responses was further enhanced during 2022 thanks to the upgrade of machine learning algorithms. This dramatically improved accuracy of the identification of themes as open-ended responses are captured and analyzed in real time. The overall improvement in performance delivers up to 95% accuracy, setting a new benchmark within the industry.

The emotional state of respondents when answering open-ended questions can now also be captured thanks to the algorithm upgrade. Artificial Intelligence carries out an analysis of how respondents answer (examining what words and punctuation they use, for example) giving a higher level of understanding concerning the emotions contained in each response. This captures valence (positive, neutral or negative) and more nuanced and in depth emotions (nostalgic, frustrated, inspired, hesitant, etc.)

Read more about Getwizer’s algorithm enhancements here.

Enhanced Behavioral Data

The ability to access the browser data from a respondent’s computer now allows Getwizer to enhance research data with actual information about how respondents behave online. Researchers can ascertain loyalty to a specific store/brand, see if a respondent is always buying the latest items or buying last year’s items (and therefore lagging behind the trends), or if they are price conscious using coupons or waiting for prices to drop. Additional demographic data is also captured, such as where they are located and what their primary language is, as well as if they use ad blocking or other software extensions on their browser. One especially neat aspect about browser data is that it’s appended directly to survey data at the respondent level (as opposed to other behavioral data which often cannot be tied directly to individual respondents).

More Innovation to Come in 2023

At Getwizer, innovation and product development never stops — it is imprinted in our DNA. We not only are constantly adding new features and tools, but we also enhance and improve existing features to ensure our customers have the best-in-breed research capabilities at their fingertips. While 2022 was an exceptional year for the further development of Getwizer’s capabilities, the next twelve months will deliver even more value. Keep tuned for updates as the months roll by to see what Getwizer has in store for 2023!

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