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Demand for Getwizer’s Insights Reports Increases by 125% To Help Transform Research into Actionable Insights

  • By Getwizer Team
  • July 5, 2023
  • 4 min

Harnessing the power of research data and transforming it into actionable insights can be a formidable challenge. That’s where Getwizer steps in with its groundbreaking insights capabilities, delivered by its elite research consultants. This team of Wizers, with backgrounds in management consulting, utilizes their strategic business acumen to create Insights Reports that provide a leap beyond what traditional market research companies offer, enabling clients to quickly unlock the value of research.

Since the launch last year of Getwizer’s Insights Reports, which deliver key and actionable recommendations once a research project has been completed, the number of clients requesting this innovative product has grown 125% and its revenue stream growing 317%.

Instantly Helping Fuel the Decision-Making Process

Getwizer’s Insights Reports ensure that research goes beyond mere data and helps drive the decision-making processes forward from the get go. This is because meaningful insights are always the making or breaking of any research project.

These data-driven conclusions eliminate guesswork from business decisions and empower organizations to better understand their customers’ needs and identify market gaps.

Extracting insights from data is a time-consuming and intricate task that demands expertise and a deep understanding of the underlying information. This can pose challenges for companies operating in a rapidly evolving landscape where consumer behavior constantly shifts.

Getwizer addresses this pain point by not only offering fast and affordable research but also delivering insights and actionable recommendations for product development, changes, creatives, pricing and much, much more.

Guiding Innovative Product Development

A Fortune 100 organization benefited from the Insights Report, after it had conducted research using Getwizer to test clothing and footwear products for men, women and children. The resulting report, prepared by Getwizer’s crack team of Wizers, incorporated quantitative data with an immersive deep dive into the customer experience via videos and photos. This resulted in 20 improved products over the course of a year.

Getwizer’s insights took the research process to the next level, moving beyond raw data to a strategic consulting perspective. This high-level analysis and strategic approach, blending technology and human expertise, ensures that the most critical insights are extracted.

Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Habits

From providing actionable recommendations to informing major product decisions, Getwizer’s insights quickly get to the core of what consumers are looking for in the various products and services they purchase.

A major CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company used Getwizer to assess grocery habits and preferences to test consumer reactions to its new sustainable food container concept. The Insights Report brought the research further and uncovered the ‘whys’ driving certain food shopping habits and beliefs about quality. We used these findings to provide product and marketing strategies aligned with customers’ attitudes and habits around sustainability.

Testing New Concepts and Packaging Options

A beverage company used Getwizer’s Insight Reports to explore the needs, beliefs and barriers among users of children’s nutritional products after conducting research to test several new concepts and packing options.The Insights Reports ultimately provided a go-to market strategy in multiple countries and offered product and packaging improvements as well as messaging recommendations.

With Getwizer, you can embark on endless research journeys, secure in the knowledge that insights will always be there to amplify the impact of your research efforts.

Understanding Emerging Trends

Throughout the research process, the involvement of Wizers ensures that research questions are structured to provide comprehensive analytics and insights. By maintaining a structured approach, Getwizer ensures that the research tells a coherent story and addresses all the business questions necessary to develop the required insights.

This approach is key for one company, which specializes in personal care and homecare products, that has an ongoing partnership with Getwizer. It uses our Insight Reports to uncover and track emerging trends in consumer attitudes and behavior, as well as provide guidance on product development and product marketing to retain and grow their market share.

Bringing Key Recommendations to Life

Each Insights Report from Getwizer is visually compelling, focused, and brimming with key recommendations derived from the research data. These reports, available as PowerPoint presentations or PDFs, facilitate easy distribution and access for internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, Getwizer offers the option to download every Insights Report within their platform.

While other research solutions may provide mere highlights at the end of projects, Getwizer’s research experts deliver high-quality, strategic insights that set them apart. Their tech/human hybrid approach brings forth multi-layered insights, leveraging the consolidated research data to provide actionable guidance. With Getwizer, you can embark on endless research journeys, secure in the knowledge that insights will always be there to amplify the impact of your research efforts.

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