2017: The Year of Insight Automation

Consumer research is among the areas in marketing that hardly budged during the digital revolution of the last decade

Consumer research is among the areas in marketing that hardly budged during the digital revolution of the last decade. Unlike other facets of marketing that are becoming more digital- and cloud-based, marketing research has largely remained labor-intensive and human-centric. In 2016, Chiefmartec listed 3,874 marketing technologies in around 50 categories. However, consumer research is not one of the categories listed.

In the last couple of years, however, developments in consumer research technology have started to accelerate. The availability of machine learning and newly developed A.I. algorithms can solve many of the shortcomings of the old survey platforms, and new consumer research platforms can now use artificial intelligence to mimic expert market researchers and even provide results of similar or better quality.

At getWizer, we are proud to be innovators in the world of marketing insight automation. Here are some of the improvements that we have implemented to address the shortcomings of previous generation online surveys:

  • Building the questionnaire: Rather than manually programming survey question by survey question, our artificial intelligence algorithms will now structure your study simply by asking you a series of questions about what you want to accomplish — selecting from a vast array of questions and research methodologies and providing the optimal research questionnaire based on those objectives.
  • Fielding the survey: With platforms using real-time monitoring, we can guarantee that you are getting a representative and valid sample of your target audience.
  • Analyzing the results: Instead of having research managers crunch the data, our platform can analyze the data instantly—reducing the time required for analysis from weeks to minutes, while avoiding or mitigating human errors.
  • Visualizing results: Our robust visualization platform replaces the time-consuming building and analyzing of PowerPoint slides and provides and highlights the most important insights, helping you understand top line results and the most important things to act on.
  • Out-of-the-box, custom benchmark database: Even traditional agencies struggle to measure your organizational benchmarks and KPIs and give it meaning in the context of your business and overall category. As part of its unique knowledge center, getWizer actually builds benchmarks and KPIs for each and every customer, automatically!
  • Get the bottom line first: You conducted research because you wanted answers, not just a hundred pages of charts and cross-tabulations. getWizer’s A.I. technology finds and emphasizes statistically significant findings and presents them in an easy to read executive summary scorecard that gets to your answers fast —in text and infographics—and highlights any other interesting finding across the report.

Consumer research is now joining an important trend of leveraging technology to accomplish business objectives faster, better and cheaper (up to 70% cheaper in some cases!). When insights are easier and more affordable, organizations can develop a culture of rigorous data-driven decisions—in a way that was virtually impossible before.

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