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Becoming a One-Stop-Shop Consumer Research Platform Utilizing the Power of Partnerships

  • By Oded Blank
  • October 3, 2021
  • 6 min

How to build powerful and cost effective custom research programs in an instant

Consumer research is rarely a seamless process. From questionnaire construction, focus group preparation, question analysis, fielding questions and the sourcing of incentives to reward respondents, it can be a complex, disjointed, time-consuming process. 

GetWizer solves this by delivering a fully modular platform using automated research building blocks that can be integrated to develop bespoke research programs built around your specific needs. This structured approach is further enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to take on the heavy-lifting tasks, so research professionals are free to focus on what they do best. 

Four new software integrations now further strengthen GetWizer’s ability to achieve this. These add video questionnaires, deep text analysis, real-time focus groups and digital rewards capabilities all within GetWizer’s hybrid consumer insights platform, that integrates the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and efficient research experience. 

Each one of these added-value, intuitive solutions expand and enhance the research capabilities at the fingertips of users of the GetWizer platform:


The ability to implement video questions within surveys on the GetWizer platform is made possible by the addition of Voxpopme — the video survey software specialists. Automated video analytics and editing tools ensure the insights delivered from open-ended questions can be captured, easily understood and shared to provide a broader understanding of target audiences. Video questions have always been acknowledged as a great medium to give respondents the freedom to freely discuss their opinions and thoughts. GetWizer can now automatically collect and present these insights, greatly enhancing the capacity of users to capture authentic consumer stories.

Using GetWizer’s video survey capabilities is a simple, straightforward process.

Connecting with consumers through real-time video feedback, researchers are able to run an array of agile qualitative studies, including concept tests, quant/qual integrations, IHUTs, journey mapping and diary studies. The ability to engage with consumers in a more intimate manner allows researchers to identify opportunities to innovate and optimize products, services and experiences across multiple brands.


Open-ended text responses to questions can now be instantly and accurately analyzed to reveal consumer insights. This extends the already powerful NLP/NLU capabilities thanks to the inclusion of Canvs.AI text analytics on GetWizer’s platform. The interpretation of slang, shorthand text and emojis is now childsplay, along with more traditional language usage. All this ensures you can capture a complete snapshot of each consumer’s response. Key topics are identified in the text analysis using artificial intelligence, to give full transparency of the themes being raised in participant responses. Ultimately this helps researchers to expose new insights that were previously difficult to extract from large amounts of open-ended text-based questions. Thanks to GetWizer’s text analytics capabilities the time involved in analyzing and coding open-ended text in surveys to capture insights is dramatically improved from days to minutes. 

After receiving an overwhelming 6,700 open-ended responses to an open-ended question when undertaking consumer research, one spirits brand used Canvs to upload the file containing the responses. Within minutes its team of insights experts was able to view and analyze a detailed breakdown of the experiences described by respondents in the open-ended answers. This provided a treasure trove of new insights into the brand’s most important customer segments.


Access to online, real-time focus groups within the GetWizer platform, courtesy of Remesh, allows researchers to interview live audiences that meet their required profile. Think Zoom session with a moderator! This is ideal to harvest large amounts of open-ended data, perfect for gaining deep, multilayered insights. The ability to combine quantitative and qualitative research allows researchers to do exploratory research that can then be validated in subsequent focus groups through a deep dive into a specific topic. Responses are automatically fed directly into AI algorithms whose predictions allow the moderator to manage the flow of the ongoing discussion. Online focus groups are well suited for researching new products, product development, brand attitudes, etc. By combining quantitative and qualitative methods it allows for much deeper data, research and understanding.

A leading detergent and washing powder brand used Remesh to determine if it could launch a premium solution in a price-sensitive market. Using a 90-minute, real-time focus-group session, with 100 category-buyer participants, the brand was able to quickly collect qualitative insights into the needs and preferences of its consumers, resulting in the decision to push their product to market. Using Remesh, they were able to shave off two months of their go-to-market process.

GetWizer’s real-time focus groups allows real-time conversations with live audiences.


Rewards and incentives are key tools in attracting high-quality respondents and to increase overall response rates. GetWizer offers the ability to entice and reward respondents to take part by using a wide range of gift cards, prepaid credit cards and charitable donations, thanks to the integration of Rybbon. This removes the hassle of finding, organizing and managing an external program to offer incentives, allowing you to focus on getting the best from sampling your database. 

Rybbon’s digital rewards and incentives solution allows users to build a seamless, automated rewards program into their research projects all within the GetWizer platform. Boost survey participation rates and increase the quality of data you capture in surveys by using this seamless, real-time reward experience for your respondents. 

Each of these new features deepens the richness and extends the capabilities of the GetWizer platform to produce a deeper understanding of consumers. With each integration touching a different aspect of research, they truly broaden the ability of GetWizer to act as a one-stop-shop for all your research needs.

New Orleans Perspectives, a focus group facility, switched to Rybbon after the onset of the corona pandemic and its move to using digital focus groups made working with a seamless digital rewarding system an obvious choice. As a result it has seen a 75% decrease in the amount of time spent on managing its rewards system. It also saw a dramatic reduction in the number of payment issues it encountered and a reduction in the time spent on resolving these issues. The facility now gets to focus on deriving qualitative insights for their clients rather than worry about setting up, managing and delivering rewards.

The consumer research process can be as complicated as you want to make it or you can simply switch to using GetWizer. Book a demo to get a feel for the power GetWizer can deliver for your research and reporting needs.

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