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Getwizer’s New Insights Capabilities Deliver Actionable Recommendations Making Research Data Provide Benefits From the Get Go

  • By Getwizer team
  • July 10, 2022
  • 3 min

This new addition to Getwizer’s suite of services ensures research data immediately delivers value by providing clients with the key recommendations and actionable insights to kickstart their decision-making processes.

NEW YORK, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Getwizer, the hybrid consumer insights platform, announced today the launch of its Insights capabilities, to provide every client with actionable recommendations at the end of every research project.

This unique and highly customized capability sets Getwizer’s hybrid, tech/human approach apart from other solutions in the marketplace by combining the technology to optimize the research process and marrying it with the human expertise needed to deliver high-level, strategic insights.

Extracting actionable insights takes time, experience and a deep understanding of the data. This can be beyond the expertise level of many organizations that do not have well-developed and experienced research teams. However, even for those that have the necessary capabilities, pouring over volumes of data can be a long, laborious task. To relieve this pain point, Getwizer now not only provides research that is fast and affordable, but it also delivers ready-to-use and actionable recommendations relevant to the success of a company’s brand and product range.

“This latest addition bridges the gap between research data and research insights, to immediately provide a roadmap of the actions a company needs to take based on the results of their research,” says Gilad Gans, CEO of Getwizer. “Extracting insights can be the most difficult and time-consuming of tasks, so once again Getwizer provides an effective solution to deliver research that is not only impactful, fast and affordable, but that is now immediately actionable.”

To drive the research process forward, the delivery of insights by Getwizer goes beyond numbers and data to supply a high-level strategic consulting review of research data. Derived from analysis across each quantitative and qualitative module of the research, the recommendations are delivered and instantly usable to inform decision-making.

“Delivering tailored insights and recommendations means we now provide the definitive solution from the a to the z of the research process,” says Alexandra Frankel, Vice President, Customer Success, Getwizer. “Having insights delivered as part of our overall service will help make our clients’ research efforts instantly impactful, which is vital in an ever-changing, fast-paced consumer environment.”

This latest edition to Getwizer’s research solution is another milestone in the company’s product roadmap, which will see further enhancements and additions as Getwizer consolidates its position as the number one solution to deliver impactful research that’s fast and affordable, with no tradeoffs.

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Getwizer is a hybrid consumer insights platform integrating the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and efficient research experience. We enable insights, product and marketing teams to study whatever they need, whenever they need it, freeing them up to focus on decision-making that drives growth. Getwizer counts among its clients brands such as Reebok, Wilson Sporting Goods, Playtika and Next Insurance. For more information visit

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