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Leveraging AI and automation helped Marketing Architects provide fast, cost-effective research

  • By Getwizer team
  • May 11, 2022
  • 3 min

Enabling brands to access fast, cost-effective consumer research to pretest their television ads was key in helping Marketing Architects maintain their current customers and attract new business as advertising and research budgets were being slashed during the height of the pandemic. 

Marketing Architects is an all-inclusive advertising agency that provides brands with access to quality, effective TV campaigns, without the traditional high entry cost and ongoing optimization, scale and measurement challenges. Founded in Minneapolis, Marketing Architects has been helping companies connect with their customers in new and surprising ways to advertise their products and services for more than 25 years. 

Goal: Enable Clients Pretest TV Ads Quickly and Cost-Effectively 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Marketing Architects agency knew they had to act quickly to meet the rapidly changing needs of the brands they work with. Changes in consumer behavior meant consumer research was more important than ever as brands needed to quickly understand and adapt to remain relevant. 

Marketing Architects needed an innovative solution that would allow clients to build and pretest TV advertising campaigns rapidly and cost-effectively during a time of economic uncertainty and changing societal norms. 

Challenge: Provide Cost-effective Research When Budgets Were Being Slashed

During the pandemic, brands were under pressure to understand how consumers were redefining how they shopped and who they shopped from. They needed to rethink how they engaged with consumers by constantly keeping track of what was shaping these changes. Unable to rely on research from the past, brands needed to pretest TV commercial creatives before they were produced. However, the economic fallout from the pandemic was seeing budgets being dramatically reduced, meaning brands were far more cautious about spending money on advertising. Traditional research methods were just too slow and far too expensive.

Marketing Architects needed to enable brands to access the power of TV advertising but at a fraction of the traditional cost and time. This research needed to ensure clients only invested media dollars on advertising concepts that resonated with the new behavior of their target audiences. 

Results: Faster, Automated Research Meant 50% More Projects Were Completed During COVID-19 Compared to Previous Year

Getwizer’s tech-human hybrid consumer insights platform, which integrates the very best of tech and human expertise, empowered Marketing Architects to test and validate advertising material as quickly as the changing marketplace around them.

The Getwizer platform was fully customized to reflect Marketing Architects’ brand, methodology and panel needs. By leveraging Getwizer’s AI and automation, Marketing Architects launched a new service called Rapid Response TV to develop and pretest TV advertising creatives quickly and cost-effectively. 

Getwizer’s automated building blocks approach allowed Marketing Architects to combine various research tools around the needs of each client to build, from the ground up, bespoke research projects as they were needed. This ensured maximum efficiency in minimal time. 

This not only allowed Marketing Architects to bring innovation, speed and lower budgets to their clients during a time of economic uncertainty — projects are now fully complete, end to end, in only 3-5 days — but also helped them win new business. 

With the help of Getwizer Marketing Architects retained 100% of its clients and onboarded new ones, completing 50% more projects during COVID versus the same timeframe the prior year.

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