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Turning COVID lemons into lemonade: a spotlight on IHUT

  • By Oded Blank
  • May 11, 2022
  • 3 min

Last January, the Getwizer consumer insights platform partnered with leading product sampling platform PINCHme to integrate IHUT (in-home usage testing) within Getwizer’s research offering – thus granting Getwizer’s clients access to over 7.6 million at-home product reviewers. But there’s also a greater, long-term reason.

The rise of IHUT

In the wake of COVID-19, it is becoming apparent that remote work is set to become the norm rather than the exception in numerous spheres of life. Even after social distancing and shutdowns become a distant trauma, the distributed, at-home infrastructures to which they’ve given rise will remain with us.

One notable sphere is product testing. As coronavirus forced the shutdown of central location testing (CLT) facilities, IHUT rapidly emerged as a solution that isn’t only cost-effective but also offers some advantages over artificial testing environments. More on this below.

No mere lateral move

Incorporating in-home usage testing into Getwizer’s platform does more than add a feature to an already-robust research offering. In addition to availing Getwizer’s clients of a major consumer testing base, it transforms IHUT itself into a smarter, rapid and even real-time methodology, capable of delivering true qualitative and quantitative insights. 

Here are some key advantages of this synergy:

1. Engagement

Consumers on Getwizer’s IHUT database receive free product samples for which to provide detailed insights and feedback. In addition, they’re encouraged to post product reviews and social media posts, thus amplifying market engagement and potentially driving sales.

2. Authenticity

With consumers testing products in their natural home setting, they can delve deeper, and provide more genuine feedback. Outcomes of product satisfaction, usage, improvement suggestions, and various other metrics tend to be more authentic and reliable. Additionally, users can express themselves more eclectically through text, images, and video responses, all of which become instantly available through the Getwizer dashboard.

3. Targeting

IHUT casts a far broader geographical net than testing that requires local respondents to show up in person, thus allowing for more flexible selection of survey participants. This type of targeting is far less expensive and time-consuming, while allowing you to tap into your survey’s exact demographic – from anywhere, to anywhere.

4. Cost and speed

Getwizer slashes the time and expenses of setting up IHUT, by providing both a massive, engaged user base and streamlining the screening and recruitment process for you. A survey that would have taken you months can now take mere weeks, and cost you less.

5. Response time

As COVID transforms consumer landscapes faster than ever, staying on top of market preferences can keep you ahead of the competition. The flexibility and adaptability of Getwizer’s real-time IHUT allows for agile product reformulation, benchmarking, and development.

6. Expertise

Being a hybrid tech/human solution, Getwizer doesn’t leave you to guess how best to leverage its technology. Our team of seasoned research experts (AKA our Wizers) helps you to align your IHUT projects with your research goals for maximum impact – working closely with you to develop project timelines, structured usage directions, data collection parameters, and more.

As easy as that

Getwizer’s IHUT places unprecedented capabilities at your fingertips, allowing you to test products and harvest feedback far more cost-effectively and in a shorter time to insight than ever before.

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