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GetWizer – Market Research Platform

  • By Getwizer team
  • August 23, 2016
  • 2 min

GetWizer is a hybrid consumer insights platform integrating the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and efficient research experience. We enable insights, product and marketing teams to study whatever they need, whenever they need it, freeing them up to focus on decision-making that drives growth. 

We do so by digitally modeling professional research experience & industry expertise into our solution, which is tremendously scarce in today’s online research tools, and so expensive & time consuming when turning to real-life market research agencies.

Our virtual research wizard emulates decades-worth of collective market wisdom & expertise of multiple research professionals, industry experts, data analysts and presentation gurus. Not only does it guide & advise you through the entire challenging research-conducting process, it even automates all of the hard work for you.

How We Do It – Market Research Expertise built-in, from start to finish

Addressing the problem:

Who you are, what your business question or pain is.

Defining & Refining your survey:

Make it yours: your questionnaire, your brand, your logo, your products\services.

This is not a template, it is Your Own questionnaire.

Presenting useful data:

Data is analyzed, and eventually you get distilled insight for each of the goals preliminarily set.

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