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Getwizer Report Enhancement: Powering The Presentation of Data To Optimize Your Success

  • By Oded Blank
  • July 29, 2021
  • 3 min

Conducting research, collecting data and developing insights is wasted if you fail to effectively present and share the results. Because, let’s face it, gathering quality data and presenting the story it tells is the reason you ran your research in the first place. 

The presentation of your findings is as important as undertaking the actual research as this is where stakeholders gain an understanding of how the results can inform and impact their decision making.  Remember, not optimizing the reporting of your research defies the logic of conducting it in the first place.  

Getwizer’s team of seasoned experts understands the power of presenting research and how to maximize its impact. That is why we have enhanced our user experience and upgraded the Getwizer interface to be easier to navigate and more visually appealing. This gives end-users an engaging and seamless experience when consuming the results of your research. 

The Intuitive Table of Contents functionality allows fast access to the different sections of each report


While you may be proud of the data your research has produced, the Harvard Business Review is here to remind us all that “good data alone doesn’t guarantee a good presentation.” How that data is actually presented is the critical element.

The reports produced within the Getwizer platform give a superior experience through the use of clearly labeled data, impactful charts, a wide-ranging color palette and an engaging design. This allows data to be quickly understood and consumed, in a clear and concise manner, vastly improving your ability to cascade information throughout your organization and among key stakeholders.


The days of scrambling through email attachments and searching file folders are a thing of the past for Getwizer users. You can intuitively access and manage data previously collected in historic reports, quickly and easily. The centralized storage of current and previous data slashes the time it takes to prepare reports and presentations for distribution. You can quickly search for and combine files, copy images, graphs and slides from one report to another, and combine data from several sources into one aggregated report. This allows you to stay in control of your insights and data as you scale your research. 

Data is displayed in visually engaging design to ensure your research makes the maximum impact

For anyone who has gone through the hell of trying to collect research, imagery and graphs from various scattered sources, Getwizer will be transformative in terms of the vastly reduced time and effort it will take to wow colleagues, managers and clients. Even if your boss drops by in the late afternoon and tells you to prepare a report for the morning, Getwizer will ensure you deliver in spectacular style. 


Getwizer’s sleek reporting capability offers augmented analytics from multiple sources and advanced data visualizations to ensure powerful and engaging content. The digital-first philosophy powering the distribution of your insights allows you to become more efficient and flexible, while testing, optimizing and sharing digital reports with your various internal and external stakeholders. 

Getwizer allows you to effortlessly manage all your projects and grow your knowledge base in a single dashboard. This digital transformation centralizes your research in one location to democratize your data and insights, making them instantly accessible, searchable and shareable. So when it comes to all your reporting needs — Getwizer has you covered and will transform you into an insights superstar!

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