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How Getwizer Enables Brands to Test with the Right Audiences

  • By Shira Watermann
  • June 26, 2022
  • 4 min

Discovering the opinions, attitudes and behaviors of specific audiences is the key goal of research. But while defining these audiences can be relatively easy, finding them is far more difficult. Getwizer eliminates this burden by getting your research surveys in front of the right people at the right time, making the once complex task of selecting a research panel fast, accurate and affordable. 

High-quality panel provision 

Getwizer works exclusively with a selected list of high-quality panel providers to ensure you get answers from the right people.

Each panel can be as granular and segmented as your needs require, and carried out globally, if needed. You simply specify the gender, age group, ethnicity, geographic location, whether they are home owners, car owners, and so on. Panel selection can also be even more specific. For example, if you’re a pharma company, you may want to reach certain types of doctors or certain types of patients. If you’re a gaming company, you can target various age categories based on the time they spend playing online games, etc. 

The quotas you set will define the number and/or percentage of the various profiles of respondents you need to meet your requirements. This ensures your data represents the opinions and behaviors of the specific population you are surveying. 

Specialized panel selection

As well as panels for quantitative research, Getwizer provides access to specialized panels to suit qualitative research. Access to online, real-time focus groups within the Getwizer platform, for example, enables researchers to interview live audiences to deliver deep, multilayered insights. A moderator manages each focus group using AI algorithms to analyze responses to help direct the flow of the discussion and to ask smarter questions on the fly. Researchers can also add a mix of open-ended questions, polls, images and videos to research projects to provide more in-depth insights.

Rewards and incentives 

While people taking part in quantitative research are called respondents, those involved in qualitative research are called participants. This is an important distinction, because participants require higher levels of compensation due to the increased effort and time they put in. Getwizer’s rewards and incentives tool means these participants can be enticed to take part with gift cards, prepaid credit cards or even charitable donations made on their behalf. This eliminates the need to find, offer and manage incentives, and boosts survey participation rates.

In-home usage testing

The ultimate in qualitative research is arguably in-home usage testing (IHUT), which allows brands to send new and existing product samples directly to the homes of targeted consumers. Getwizer IHUT functionality gives access to specialized panels from a community of more than 7.6 million members for targeted product testing and sampling. The testing of products in the comfortable, real-world setting of the home, ultimately can provide more reliable insights regarding product assessment and satisfaction.

Regardless of whether your panel is for quantitative research or more specialized research, Getwizer uses AI algorithms and code management tools to monitor the quality of panel selection and responses. This ensures panelists precisely represent your requirements, including demographic groups, socio-economic profile, geographic regions, and so on. 

Real-time data cleansing 

When conducting research, the data quality that flows from panels always needs to be monitored. ‘Dirty’ data leads to poor results and can invalidate any insights derived from the research. Data cleansing is used to identify and remove any inaccurate, irrelevant or meaningless information from your raw data, to ensure data integrity. 

With Getwizer, this is taken care of in real-time by algorithms using a mix of approaches, including natural language processing, to identify high-quality text in terms of relevancy and readability. It automatically corrects typos, standardizes name variations and can understand the use of slang. The automation of data cleansing instantly lowers cost by replacing the need for manual labor and reducing overall time-in-field. It also guarantees data quality throughout the process, as bad data is eliminated in real time. 

Every element of the research process, from questionnaire development and panel selection to the collecting, cleansing, analyzing and reporting of research data is taken care of within the Getwizer platform. And because of Getwizer’s tech-human hybrid approach, for each element you decide if you do it, we do it together or we do it for you. With Getwizer, that’s where people and technology come together.

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