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Turning Research Data Into Actionable Insights to Kickstart Decision Making

  • By Alex Frankel Schorr
  • July 21, 2022
  • 6 min

Developing actionable insights can be the most difficult part of any research project. This is why Getwizer’s insights capabilities ensure research starts to deliver from the get go, by providing clients with key recommendations to immediately inform their decision-making processes.

The key to any successful research project is the analysis of the data to produce insights. This is the fuel that will drive an organization forward. While research delivers the ‘what?’, insights provide the ‘so?’ and the ‘what next?’ These data-based conclusions help remove the guesswork from business decisions, enabling organizations to better understand how they can meet their customers’ needs and fill gaps in the marketplace. 

The problem is, extracting insights takes time, experience and a deep understanding of the data. This can be a pain point for companies under pressure to adapt their brand and various product lines in this era of rapidly changing and evolving consumer behavior. To resolve this, Getwizer not only provides fast and affordable research, it also now delivers insights and actionable recommendations on product development, changes, creatives and pricing.

Delivering Insights to Move Research Beyond Numbers and Data

Getwizer’s insights drive the research process forward, moving it beyond numbers and data, to a more strategic consulting perspective. Your team of Wizers, our hand-picked research experts, reviews, aggregates and analyzes the research data across all qualitative and qualitative modules to draw actionable conclusions relevant to your brand. This is where our hybrid approach, which mixes technology and human elements, shines. Such high-level analysis and strategizing is the one thing that cannot be automated. So, Getwizer’s ‘human’ touch is critical here. 

While every Insights Report is finely tuned and customized to the specific business questions, research is undertaken to answer, let’s focus on some examples to give an understanding of the power of Getwizer’s insights capabilities.

Providing Actionable Recommendations 

A major retailer conducted in-depth research with Getwizer to understand the key attributes its clients attached to various footwear products it sold. This allowed the retailer to understand the elements that matter most to consumers. The research was constructed using Getwizer’s building blocks approach to ensure consumer attitudes regarding most desired design features and the preferred materials used was captured. This ensures the key insights and recommendations could be extracted from the research data. The recommendations from Getwizer’s team led the retailer to change the lining of their slippers to a padding that helped improve the fit and comfort for its clients, helping make the product more desirable and improving sales.

A major retailer uncovered an issue with fit, through a Getwizer In-Home Usage test and, subsequently, changed the lining of their slippers to a padding that helped improve comfort over time

Informing Major Product Decisions 

Insights can also help brands evaluate the potential impact of major strategic product changes before the decision to implement them is finalized. A rapidly growing CPG company used Getwizer’s data to verify whether it could swap out one type of oil used in its product for another and remove its organic label, without drastically affecting sales. Getwizer’s insights team took a deep dive into the research data and recommended the company make the change, which ultimately saved millions.

A rapidly growing CPG company used Getwizer data to verify whether they could remove the organic label, without drastically affecting sales, saving millions

Providing Guidance on Price Points 

Researching optimal price points and price sensitivity is all part of Getwizer’s advanced pricing analysis capabilities (using Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, etc.). A major  FMCG company relied on Getwizer’s insights to correctly price a more sustainable option of their existing best-seller.

A major FMCG company used Getwizer data to help price a sustainable version of their existing best-seller in which insight recommendations helped them price a new product offering 

Informing Changes to Creative Concepts 

Getwizer’s insights also helped a large media company understand which segments to target, where to place their media, and the emotional need states to tap into in order to lure back lapsed viewers. Numerous other brands have changed their ads, their packages, their concepts, and more based on insights delivered by Getwizer.

Getwizer’s insights helped a media company lure back lapsed viewers:

A Structured Approach 

Even though insights are extracted and presented at the end of the research process, our Wizers are involved from the start. This is critical as they will ensure the research questions are structured in the correct way to provide the analytics and insights at the back end of the process. In essence, this makes sure we are getting answers to all of the business questions needed to develop the required insights. So, your Wizers will make sure the flow of questions is correct and that questions touching on the same subjects are grouped together. This ensures the research tells a coherent story that will inform the extraction of insights.

Informing Business Decisions 

Each Insights Report is visually powerful, highly focused and details key recommendations to use the research data to inform business decisions. The report is delivered as a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF, making it easy to distribute and access both internally and externally to stakeholders. Every Insights Report can also be made available for download within the Getwizer platform.   

While other research solutions often deliver research highlights at the end of projects, few will deliver the quality of insights provided by Getwizer’s research experts. This is what differentiates our tech/human hybrid approach from the rest. Our insights are more strategic, more high level and more focused on solving the business questions you undertook the research in the first place to answer. Our insights are multilayered, taking into account the entire, consolidated set of research data to immediately let you know what you need to do next. This allows you to research everything, all the time, over and over again, knowing the insights will be available to make your research count.

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