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Understand and Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior Using Getwizer’s Powerful Tech/Human Hybrid Approach

  • By Getwizer Team
  • June 13, 2022
  • 2 min

Over the past number of years the daily routines and spending patterns of consumers have been turned on their head, forcing companies to rethink how they retain their existing clients and win new customers.

With today’s consumers willing to abandon their once-preferred brands in favor of new ones, we knew it was important to define how Getwizer directly answers these challenges. This process forced us to dive deeper to align how we explain what we do and why we are the ideal solution. Getwizer achieves this by allowing businesses to constantly validate every idea and track every brand asset to meet and adapt to the fluid needs of today’s consumers. 

To effectively communicate this, we adapted and reevaluated our brand story and messaging, so we could quickly empower companies to clearly see the value Getwizer offers. 

Core to this initiative was striping everything thing back to focus on the three differentiators that enable Getwizer to deliver unique value:

Hybrid by Design 

Traditional market research agencies, even though providing quality insights, are simply too slow and expensive to undertake the continuous research required to keep informed of today’s consumer. And while DIY research platforms provide a cost-effective alternative that promises fast insights, they deliver inconsistent results. The templates they provide also offer limited customization and their ‘self-serve’ nature requires expertise (either in-house or via the use of a third-party consultant), which can quickly ramp up the cost. 

Getwizer uses the strengths of both by using automation technology and combining it with professional research experts. This tech/human hybrid approach allows our clients to leverage Getwizer’s technology where it makes the most sense, and tap into our human expertise whenever needed.

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