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Using Getwizer to Deliver Pitch-Perfect PowerPoint Presentations

  • By Oded Blank
  • May 25, 2021
  • 2 min

Create powerful, customizable presentations in seconds to optimize the delivery of your research findings 

Getwizer now offers users the ability to create sleek and creative PowerPoint presentations directly within its platform. Its Native PowerPoint solution means users can automatically create a customized market research presentation in seconds that is immediately ready for delivery to decision makers with a click of the file export button.

Smarter, faster, easier

Getwizer creates a custom-built PowerPoint template for each client during their onboarding process. Once this is set up, clients are free to create and send reports as needed, all designed to reflect their company’s individual look and feel.

While each presentation can be sent immediately, there are options to customize each one further by editing chart color, positioning, markers, font mapping (alignment, size, and style) and adding comments.

Instead of struggling with the laborious and time consuming task of creating a PowerPoint yourself from scratch, Getwizer does the heavy lifting to give you access to a smarter, easier and faster way to make an impact on your internal stakeholders. Once you create a presentation using Getwizer, you will realize not all PowerPoint presentations are created equal. Getwizer’s unique style and sleek design will place you head and shoulders above the competition.

In-depth, stylish presentations

Presenting market research can be the most important part of the research process. However, it can be a nightmare rifling through long research documents and data when trying to pinpoint actionable insights for your presentation. Getwizer takes this pain away by giving you immediate access to in-depth, stylish presentations broken down into sections, with clear headlines, along with a host of tables, charts and associated information. Getwizer will ensure your key messages resonate!

You now have the perfect presentation tool to democratize the research data captured by Getwizer’s platform and cascade it throughout your organization and directly to clients.

Easily download and share

All of your PowerPoint presentations are centrally stored on Getwizer’s platform, making them always accessible and easy to download and share. No more trying to search for presentations by searching folders and checking email attachments, with Getwizer they will always be at your fingertip.

With time to insight now a matter of hours and days rather than weeks, and clients eager to get the latest update from their target audience, Getwizer’s Native PowerPoint solution makes you the hero of the story.

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