Consumer Insight Research Solutions

Attitudes and Usage Research

Today’s business environment is more complex than ever. Consumers are changing and brands are struggling to keep up. This is why Integrating the voice of customers into business decision-making has never been more critical. Traditional research is too slow, inflexible and not agile enough to cope. getWizer provides the solution, ensuring you are always switched on when it comes to understanding the perceptions, motivations and behaviors of consumers.

Our platform augments data from multiple sources, identifying trends, patterns, and anomalies to provide a clear understanding of consumers, their habits, drivers and perceptions.

Instantly Test and Validate

getWizer enables you to rapidly target consumers to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of their attitudes. This process can be repeated thanks to getWizer’s flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness ensuring your brand remains aligned with your target audiences and is always on message.

Reduced Time to Research

Dramatically slash timelines and reduce budget spend by using getWizer’s ability to connect with consumers instantly and rapidly gather research.

Ensuring quality

getWizer uses a mix of its team of research experts and artificial intelligence, to ensure all consumer panels are screened and certified, ensuring you get top quality actionable insights to drive decision making in minutes.