Consumer Insight Research Solutions

Concept Screening and Testing

Quickly evaluate ideas or concepts with target audiences to gauge customer attitudes regarding advertising, messaging and more, and overall willingness to purchase.

getWizer dramatically simplifies the complex challenge of conducting concept testing. The ability to test quickly and cost-effectively helps ensure business decisions are backed by solid, indepth research data.

Test how concepts resonate with your target audience, adjust them and test again if needed. The flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness of getWizer will result in a higher return on investment by ensuring your business backs the right ideas and products.

New Products

Make decisions while developing and crafting new products by understanding which features customers are most interested in and identify those that need to be redesigned or removed. 

Pricing Analysis

Rapidly test the impact of a potential price change for an existing product, to understand the willingness of consumers to accept or reject it. Undertake new product price analysis so your brand enters the market at a price point that optimizes the sweet spot between consumer purchasing power and profitability. 

Branding and messaging

getWizer will help you understand how to best motivate consumers to engage with or purchase your brand, product or service. Test multiple messaging concepts and quickly zone in on the most effective ad messaging, logo, brand colors and design.


Understand how your packaging will perform on the retail shelf or online store, and understand the packaging features that make consumers pick one product over another. Research will help you create impactful packaging that differentiates your product from the competition and, crucially, influences purchasing decisions.